All the reservations offered are for private transfers and are made with official cars and authorized by the local transport authority. Your group will travel in a vehicle of exclusive use. This will allow you to avoid queues, save time and make a direct trip to your destination without stops.
All transfers are made with official taxis. The badges and colors are, white car with red stripe on the doors, with the identification badge of the town hall and with the visible license number.
In any case, the drivers are trusted and professionals specialized in this type of service, with experience, training and a suitable operating regime to offer you the best conditions of satisfaction in your travels.

I bring with me extra luggage, sports equipment or it occupies a large volume

In our booking process you have the option to indicate if you have special needs during the transfer. Taxis up to 8 passengers has a large volume of storage. You can check in the contact phone.

Do you travel with children?

Most of our vehicles are adapted to carry children's chairs. During the booking process you have the option of adding child seats in your service request.
In TAXI CUSTOM VAN MADRID takes the safety of all its passengers and especially the children with total seriousness. Please specify when hiring the service.

My group travels with a baby stroller. Is it possible to take it?

Yes, the vehicle can carry strollers or trolleys for children. Children and babies count as passengers when booking the vehicle and can also carry (suitcase and stroller).

Someone in my group is traveling with a Wheelchair. What should I do?

If in any case you can travel with any type of wheelchair, our taxis are adapted to your needs.

Are you traveling with a Pet?

In Taxi custom van Madrid your pet will always be welcome.
Consult the contact telephone for any questions you may have.

Will I be taken and picked up directly from my hotel or private address?

Yes. All of our private transfers will take your group directly to the hotel or private address indicated, and in the same way they will pick you up in that place on the day of your return.

Is it possible to stop on the way to pick up the keys to the apartment or residence?

Yes, it is possible to make a stop for the collection of keys you just have to indicate at the beginning of the trip.
This stop is only possible if it is done in the same locality as the destination.

I need an invoice for the contracted services. Can you provide it to me after the reservation is made?

Yes. Once the trip is over you will receive a corresponding invoice. Keep in mind that it will be issued with the information you have provided in the reservation. If on any occasion the invoice must carry other information, please contact us and we will send you the invoice you need.

Where does my group meet with the Driver? What is the meeting point? What do you need?

At the airport or train station.
At the meeting point for taxis. If you do not know, ask at the information point of the corresponding terminal.

To the airport
If the pick-up point is a hotel, the driver will meet the group in the hotel lobby. If the collection is done in a private home or apartment, the entire group will have to wait at the specified place at the time specified. In other cases, please provide us during the booking process the complete address with precise details for your collection (place, street, point of reference, etc.) where the group would like to be picked up.

How long does the driver wait for us at the airport after baggage collection and customs clearance?

The Driver will monitor the arrival time of your flight or train and will wait until 30 minutes after landing the plane or the arrival of the train. In the event that a member of the group loses the suitcases, this is damaged or is retained in customs, please send a person from the group to meet with the driver to warn of the incident.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

All our drivers monitor the arrival times of flights and trains to ensure they pick up on time in case of any slight delay.

What happens if my driver is late?

Immediately call the contact number and you will be informed in real time of where your vehicle is. For us, punctuality is very important

I want to cancel my transfer. How can I do it?

Any transfer can be canceled without charges

Our group arrives in two different flights but we would like to travel in the same vehicle. It's possible?

If possible. The waiting time will be billed according to the official rate.

What should I do if I have forgotten some personal object in the taxi

Call the contact phone as quickly as possible so that the driver can safely and subsequently return it.

Taxi special Fabrik how long and where is waiting for me at the door of the disco when it ends?

You will be at the main door at the close of the nightclub expect a maximum of 30 minutes more to anyone who may be clueless, once elapsed that time will leave with people on board.
For the hiring of this service, it will be necessary to pay 50% in advance for the collection services.

I am very satisfied with the service received, what do I do?

Share your experience with your friends and in social networks with TAXI CUSTOM VAN MADRID , we strive to provide you with the best possible experience. Enjoy your stay!
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